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UNIX Error: << This LSAM Version Does Not Support Encrypted Token >>

With OpCon, you've the possibility to use encrypted global properties in your Unix jobs. But you may encounter an issue if you're using the wrong agent version.

What is the issue?

If you're using an encrypted global property in your job and it fails with an exit code 127, then check the log file to see if this is an issue with the agent version.

If the logfile of your job contains the message "Error: This LSAM Version doesn't support encrypted token", the LSAM version used is not handling encrypted token.

How to solve this?

You must use an SSL version of the LSAM for the install. (The .tar file to use must contains « *_SSL.tar »).

For exemple: LSAM20.0.3_RedhatRHEL7.5_64-bitSSL.tar (instead of LSAM_20.0.3_RedhatRHEL7.5_64-bit.tar)