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Manage File Arrival Reaching End Time With Exit Code 1

When a File Arrival job reaches it end time and no file was found, its ends with an exit code 1 and a failed status.

Sometimes, not finding a file is normal and you may want to manage this possibility and avoid your job ending as failed. However, exit code 1 is used not only for this special case but also for another reason that makes it a bit more difficult to just simply use the advanced failure criteria of your job.

According to the documentation, the exit code 1 is not only returned for a file not found, more information below:

"The file was not found. Reasons include an invalid filename, the file has not arrived yet, or permissions."

This is also true for UNIX and IBM i file arrival jobs.

How to manage this?

Let's take an example, below my File Arrival definition:

The job end time is 11:00 PM.

The next step is to set an event to mark the job as Finished OK if the exit code is equal to 1 AND if the system time is superior to the end time of the job:

The complex expression used:

[[$JOB TERMINATION]]=="0000000001" && [[$TIME]]>"23:00:00"


Following your Regional Settings, you may have to specify "AM" or "PM", e.g. "11:00:00 AM".

The event used in this case: $JOB:GOOD

In conclusion, with this solution if the File Arrival job finishes normally but without finding the file, it will be automatically set a Mark Finished OK.