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How to Perfomr a Restart Point in a Symitar Job

What is the issue?

If you're encountering issues with a Symitar job that has failed and needs to be restarted at a specific point, this article will guide you step by step to troubleshoot the problem.


  1. Determine the Episys jobfile you would like Opcon to begin processing. If the jobfile is part of a series of nested jobfiles, Opcon will run this jobfile and any subsequent jobfiles. Add the comment to the job inside of the main job.

So if PAYROLL.POSTING is the point where you want to restart, then the RESTART will run that jobfile and all subsequent jobfiles in this sequence. Add the comment to the PAYROLL.POSTING job.

  1. Add the RESTART_POINT flag to the comments section of the Episys Jobfile:

  1. Add the corresponding flag to the Daily job in OpCon:

a. Do not add the words RESTART_POINT b. If you are not using a sub type, add the comment to end of the start image

  1. Restart the job in Opcon.

  2. Once the job is complete, remove the RESTART_POINT flag in Episys.


If you have any SEQ jobs that depend on output from the original process, these jobs will fail as the OpCon program overwrites the original output.

  1. If the Job Sub-Type is None the Restart Point goes at the end of the Start Image in double quotes

a. [[RSJPATH]]/RSJ SYM000 test "restart point"