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Integration Error After Upgrade of AIX on a Symitar Host

What is the issue?

Jobs that run Episys PowerOn that transfer files are now failing after upgrading AIX to 7.1 TL5 SP9 or beyond on a Symitar host. The job in OpCon will fail with the following error message:

Integration error: No such file or directory

How to solve the issue

  • Log into the AIX machine as root
  • Navigate to the location of the SMA_DEFAULTS file.
    • cd /SYM/SYM000/BATCH
  • Once there cat the file to verify the contents of the SMA_DEFAULTS file
    • cat SMA_DEFAULTS
    • Example of what you may see:
    ;MAX_EXCEPTIONS = 99999999=
;ERROR_LEVEL 1-4,6,10-13=
;JAVA_HOME "/usr/java7"=
  • If you already have ;JAVA_HOME specified then update accordingly. If ;JAVA_HOME isn't there, you will need to add it.
    • You will need to locate the most current version of Java by navigating to the /usr directory in AIX.
    • Once there you'll likely see multiple versions of Java, locate the most current version then proceed.
  • Use vi editor to add or modify the SMA_DEFAULTS file to reflect the correct path to the JAVA_HOME location, as provided below.
    • ;JAVA_HOME "/usr/java8"
  • An alternative to using vi is to modify the SMA_DEFAULTS file on a Windows machine. If you choose this method, the file needs to be transferred on and off the host in ASCII/Text mode.
  • Lastly, restart your jobs and you should immediately notice the change.