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Automate a BIRT Report

This is a walk-through to help you automate your BIRT reports.

BIRT Report is a tool installed with OpCon allowing you to generate predefined reports directly from the Enterprise Manager with the GUI or by creating a job to schedule a report. In this article, we'll focus on the automation of a BIRT Report with a Windows job.

The report you need

Before creating the job, you first need to define what you need and what kind of information you're looking for in your report. SMA is providing a huge list of predefined reports you can find in the online documentation below:

Documentation for Predefined Reports

Once you've selected the appropriate report, we can go to the next step. For this example, we'll select the following report:

The documentation provide all the information you need to create the job such as the report reference (name) and the required parameters. Job creation : In this step we create a simple Windows jobs with the command line to call the report (skdrep48) we've selected in the first step:

  • "[[SMAOpConPath]]\Utilities\BIRTRptGen.exe": this is where is located BIRTRptGen.exe
  • -rskdrep48: -r means the report and skdrep48 is the code for the report "job list by department"
  • -j[[$JOBID]] -p"SKDID=[[$SCHEDULE ID]]" -p"DEPTID>0" are the requested parameters for this report
  • -o"C:\Users\mbagard\Documents\BIRTReport\joblistdept.pdf" is not mandatory but allow you to redirect the report either to a chosen repository or to an email address.
  • -t allows you to define the format of the report : HTML, XLS or PDF (bypassed if -o is redirecting to a file with extension (like joblistdept.pdf). See the conditions on the online documentation.

For more information about BIRT and parameters: Documentation for BIRT

The report

If you've defined a specific folder for your report like in the previous example, the report is generated in the folder.

If you don't set a specific folder through the "-o" parameter, the report is generated by default in your SAM/Log/Reports folder. You'll by the way find here the log created by Birt for each report.