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Clean Up opcon_reports Directory

How to clean-up your directory

Use these commands clean up all the files and symbolic links in the opcon_reports directory across all SYMs on your Symitar host.

This one removes the files that don't match BATCH_OUTPUT:

find /SYM/SYM*/opcon_reports/*/ -type f ! -name 'BATCH_OUTPUT*' -exec rm {} \;

This one removes the links that don't match BATCH_OUTPUT

find /SYM/SYM*/opcon_reports/*/ -type l ! -name 'BATCH_OUTPUT*' -exec rm {} \;

If you want to have a permanent solution, do the following to the SMA_DEFAULTS file for each SYM that jobs are run in.

  1. Set the directive to false to stop creating the links.



add the following line:


  1. Allow at least a week to 10 days for old links to be removed by the backup and prune job in the SMAUtility schedule.

  2. Verify the CREATE_OPCON_REPORTS_LINKS false is working by going to the /SYM/SYMnnn/opcon_reports folder and doing an "ls -la"